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If you want to innovate in the presentation of your products or simply change your brand image, we have the ideal solution: Attract the customers' attention. "Make your ideas float"

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We have entered a new era: The era of augmented reality, 3D and holograms. In view of this evolution, our first mission is to valorize you, by the means of new supports, a new communication, from a holographic helix to a wall of helixes. Holographic helix: helix with two or four flat blades containing several tens of leds which, by turning, create a holographic image or animation on their support. Holo3Dled offers you the possibility to communicate your brand image and all your products. This material is light, easy to carry around and very simple to use. Holo3DLed aims to accompany and help you in this process. We offer you a large choice of holographic propellers of excellent quality, powerful, at a very advantageous cost, available as well for purchase and for rent, while providing you the best service. Your propeller will diffuse any animation and hologram of your choice. Our stocks are available in France as well as in Europe, allowing you to benefit from a fast delivery. All our equipment is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. Our team of graphic designers, 3D animators is present to satisfy you and meet your needs. Your ideas will come to life in a new dimension.

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From a simple 3D logo to custom animation, we can meet all your requirements. from 50 € onwards

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